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Embedded knowledge

The majority of our students have attended a PRINCE2® Foundation or practitioners course and, with that academic baseline, find that the practical exposure to a complete project cycle in the controlled environment that PRINCEOPOLY brings, is the best way to round out and gain a deeper understanding of the principles of project management. Students evaluating the project plan

Many members of staff who have joined a project team, but who haven't yet had the benefit of formal training, also find that the PRINCEOPOLY experience gives them a practical insight to the mechanics of the project cycle.

We have also found that experienced and seasoned members of staff have also benefited from the day. A central government organisation had a number of senior project managers, programme managers and directors on the one day course and all stated that they had appreciated the day to "remind them of the benefits of a strong project management methodology".

Team building

working as a teamPRINCEOPOLY has often been a used as the perfect vehicle to provide a new Project Team (including Project Executives) with the means to develop team relationships. At the end of this highly focused day, the students leave with a heightened sense of collective achievement... A perfect way to kick-start a new project. On one or two occasions we have been asked to facilitate a corporate project kick-off on the following day, ensuring that all members have a clear view of the goals of the real project.


Which Project Method?

 PRINCE2 is a well respected, stable project management framework used by hundreds of organisations.

We recognise that businesses often adopt or develop a Project Management framework that more closely suits the culture and accepted processes. In these cases, we can, in consultation with training managers, develop and deliver variants of Princeopoly that reflect these cultural differences.

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