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Knowledge & Communications

Successful projects, when analysed, often demonstrate the same characteristics:

  • Positive leadership.
  • Clear understanding and appreciation of the processes involved.
  • Effective communication. Students evaluating the project plan

The PRINCEOPOLY experience provides your senior management with a tool through which each of these aspects can be tested and evaluated in a controlled and professionally observed environment.

Each of the members of the team is monitored throughout the day and a report is generated that reflects their experience. We recommend that this report is seen by both management and student at an appropriate point.

The Reports cover the whole of the project cycle and evaluate the students' performance in a number of roles, including that of project manager, quality management, finance control as well as risk and issues management.

In this way, the student gains some experience and understanding of each of these roles so that when they return to company operations, they use the experience to the benefit of the organisation. The report therefore provides managers with a baseline for both appreciation of revealed skills and opportunities for further training.

 Which Project Method?

 PRINCE2 is a well respected, stable project management framework used by hundreds of organisations.

We recognise that businesses often adopt or develop a Project Management framework that more closely suits the culture and accepted processes. In these cases, we can, in consultation with training managers, develop and deliver variants of Princeopoly that reflect these cultural differences.

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